Exotic getaways, luxury cars, GQ swagger and inspirational quotes, sounds like a recipe for a great Instagram, agreed, but who is this guy? Meet Andy Manaras; a 26 year old CEO from Montreal with his eye on the prize. At 22 following the tragic loss of the family patriarch, Andy was put in a sink or swim position, where most expected him to sink. Instead of blaming the world he buckled down, buried himself in the books and found inspiration from the world around him. In just four years, he’s accomplished what most would have thought laughable. His leadership, vision and discipline have propelled him into a world of exponential opportunity and he now wants to show that you have what it takes.



  • Motivation

    I was by no means a “straight A” student, to be honest I spent more time in detention than I did in class. But just because we don’t fit into a certain mould, doesn’t mean we don’t have something powerful to offer this world. Let me show you what you’re not seeing.

  • Consulting

    “I know my business needs work, but where do I start?” Great news, you’re on the right track because this key question is the fundamental basis for improvement. You’ve already acknowledged that you want to be great, now allow me to help you get there.

  • Investment

    Think you’ve got a revolutionary idea? Have you perfected your business plan? Have you rehearsed your keynote speech to exhaustion? I hope so, because I’m constantly searching for great opportunities that can change the world. I look forward to being amazed.

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