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What is Micanan?

Micanan manufactures operators, known more popularly as garage door openers, used to automate commercial and industrial overhead doors. Founded in 1999, Micanan is based in Montreal, Canada and proudly serves the North American door market.

My role in Micanan?

Micanan is the manufacturing company I took over from my father in 2012. My duties have evolved over the years: I started working in the warehouse when I was a teenager, moved on to marketing in my early 20’s and then CEO when my dad passed away when I was 22. I spent years on the road developing markets and sourcing materials overseas and in the last few years I’ve moved away from day-to-day operations to take a seat on the board of directors.

Micanan was a true business school and helped me develop my understanding for what it really takes to run a business; it’s the reason I was able to venture off and bring value to my new partnerships.

George Manaras


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