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Lightly Smoked Jalapeño Hot Sauce

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What is Smoke Show?

Smoke Show is a delicious lightly smoked jalapeño hot sauce. It goes great with anything from oysters to Caesar salad. But more than that it’s the opportunity to build a brand that embodies the idea that anything is possible.

My role in Smoke Show?

Smoke Show is an amazing sauce, with an equally amazing look and feel. My reason for getting involved was the pure excitement of bringing this product to the world. As a board member, I’m involved with vision and strategy and as a team member I focus on online brand building via my network.

Once again, it’s not only the product, but Dave and the team are the key! I can’t wait for you to try it!

Dave Rose
Mike Ionescu
Nick Rose


Hit me up if you’ve got a life changing idea… Or if you’re a brand that wants to work with me!

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